Micro-Markets: Looking for a more unique take on office vending? Consider a micro-market. This is where we take a portion of your breakroom and turn it into a self-sufficient convenience store, complete with attractive displays, self-checkout kiosks and a security system.


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Micro Market Solution

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Who is Parlevel?

What is a Micro Market?

Employee Benefits

Unique Features

Customizable Layouts

Basic Requirements

Who is Parlevel?

Based in San Antonio Texas

Present in 26 countries and counting

Manage thousands of food & beverage locations every day

Our passion: To provide better food and beverage options for workplaces around the world

San Antonio Texas

Companies with Parlevel Micro Markets

What is a Micro Market?

Unattended breakroom solution loaded with a huge and customizable variety of fresh, healthy options for your employees.

Micro markets can offer a breakroom solution that contains a wide array of options while keeping your employees safe and satisfied.

Can reduce risk by stopping your workers from leaving your building for lunch or breaks while saving you and your company money.

How It WorksLess


A mixture of fridges and shelving will stock products your customers love.


Inventory will be routinely filled to keep items available.

interactive touchscreen

Our interactive touchscreen Kiosk will enable your customers to create a custom account,

browse items, and purchase products.


Your employees simply select, scan, pay, and enjoy! It is that easy.

Scan, Pay, Enjoy


SCAN your product barcode or scroll and search for it via kiosk or smartphone catalog.

PAY with cash, card, smartphone, or a Wallet on your Kiosk.

ENJOY your new and improved breakroom experience.

Micro Market Max 2.0


Micro Market Mini


Employee Benefits

The Most Expensive Lunch BreaksLess

What does time spent away from work cost one organization with 500 

 people each year? The numbers were gathered using each industry’s 

 industry’s average minutes taken for lunch, along with their mean salaries.


Lunch Spending Habits

If a worker buys lunch on a regular basis, how much do they usually spend per week?


Your workplace deserves a better breakroom

A well-stocked break room leads to happier, more productive workers while decreasing overall stress. 1

58% of American consumers agree that it is important to eat healthy. 2

An engaging breakroom can foster creative interactions and keep employees on site.

In some cases, vending machines alone aren’t sufficient anymore.

32% of employees are looking for healthy snacks. 3

36% agree that a well-stocked breakroom can positively impact productivity. 3

1. Employee Benefits Advisor, 2. Technomics, 3. Staples Company Culture, 4. Forbes, 5. Paste Magazine, 6. NPR,

The new generation of millennial workers mentioned preferences for perks like free snacks, free coffee, and a better breakroom. 3

A study revealed 2 out of every 5 employees suggest they’ve gained weight at their current job. 4

90% of workers buy lunch at least once a week. 5

Only 1 in 5 five people step away for a midday meal. Most workers are simply eating at their desks. 6

81% of employees who take a daily lunch break have a strong desire to be an active member in their company. 4

Stocking with healthy snacking options encourages employees to take a midday break and do some healthy snacking together. 4

Better For You Options

We monitor the mix of healthy products, so we can 

adhere to your company standards

Consumer tastes are shifting toward healthier food


Employee Motivation

Boost company morale with happier, healthier,& more productive employees.

Decrease time spent on breaks by eliminating the need to leave the workplace 

with fresh & healthy alternatives on demand.

Foster creative interaction by offering a breakroom that employees love visiting.

Great tasting lunch options means employees don’t have to worry about bringing 

food from home.



In a post-COVID world, reliable workplace motivators like events & social gatherings are risky.

Micro markets can be subsidized to reduce the selling price on items - a great 

employee benefit.

Reward your employees through gift cards or wallet codes to:

Celebrate special events (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

Make a positive impression on visitors to your office.

Recognize outstanding employee achievement.



We have the ability to offer different promotions such as:

Wallet Reload Promotions

Employee of the Month Rewards

Gift Vouchers (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

Healthy item subsidies


Unique Features

More Ways to Pay

Cashless: Pay with credit, debit, or NFC payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay

Cash: Pay with commonly accepted bills.

Virtual Account : Store funds on a virtual account to pay straight from the kiosk 

- without the need of a phone or wallet.

All payment information & user data is kept secure through PCI Standards.



Pay using a Smartphone.

An auto-reload feature provides readily available funds

.Check Market inventory anywhere in the workplace.

Provide direct service feedback to the operator.

Constant system updates for your convenience.


Pay easily & securely witha fingerprint scanner

A better way to make purchases quickly & easily. Simply scan your finger to 

purchase from your employee accounts. The system creates a unique identifier 

that employees can use with just a touch of their finger.


The Kiosk will be fitted with a user-facing camera and an optional Nest

Security cloud camera system that allow us to ensure proper 

micromarket usage,

avoid shrinkage, and maintain a safe and secure breakroom.


Parlevel Wallet

Forgot your wallet at home? No problem! Parlevel Wallet allows your employees 

to create a preloaded account to pay for items. Your employees can access the 

wallet via scanning a FOB, RFID, user number and PIN, or simply swiping their



Backed by the Industry’s Most Powerful Management ToolLess


Your market is monitored 24/7/365 to ensure excellent performance.

We track inventory levels, product sales, and item sell-outs that help us restock 

the Micro Market in a timely manner.

Detailed analytics inform us of what products your employees want.

Helps us to deliver superiorcustomer service.


View micro market inventory remotely.

Review product sales analytics.

Place orders, leave feedback, and increase transparency.


Customizable Layouts

Market Designed For You

Food & Beverage Coolers

Every market comes standard with beverage and snack coolers and freezers that can store up to 120 items at one time. Cooler sizes can be increased or decreased at the request of the client depending on the space available.

Kiosk & Security

Parlevel’s Micro Market solution comes with the guarantee that our markets will work with minimum downtime. Your market will be kept secure with state of the art security cameras.

Custom Frames

Frames are assembled to accommodate up to 180 items at one time. Frames can be decreased or extended to fit the size available for the market.

30 - 100 Employees

Package A

Package A
101 – 200 Employees

Package B

Package B
200+ Employees

Package C

Package C

Basic Requirements

Expert Service

Your micro market will be serviced routinely so your favorite products are fresh and in stock

We will monitor your consumption patterns to stock more products that your employees like,

 and less of what they don’t

We’ll strive to stock a combination of national brands and local products to give you an 

appealing variety

Don’t see a product you love? Let us know - directly from the kiosk

Instant, remote refunds when appropriate

What You Will Need

With hundreds of products available, we need to ensure your 

breakroom has the available space and capability to host a Micro Market.

1. Minimum 5’

With 5’ available, we can place a variety of products to create your Micro

 Market. We’ll measure the space and provide you the most optimal layout

2. Data/Network Line

There needs to be availability of current internet, DSL, or wireless connections.

 Our IT dept. can offer suggestions.

3. Power Access

Sufficient electric power is required to power the kiosk, coolers, and other equipment


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